About the Songs

Billy Joel meets Billy Bragg
...at Ophelia's funeral.

All words and music by
Timothy Michael Shaw

About The Band

It’s the old story: a ghostly visitation and duty to avenge spawns a band.

TMS: lead vocal, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Bobby Stevens: bass and backing vocal
Karly Loveling: backing vocal
Jarrod Kaplan: drums and percussion
Deva Priyo: lead guitar
Victoria Estrada: backing vocal

"One of the best bands to come out of Eugene, ever." -Mike Meyer, KRVM


Saturday, November 9th, Night of Bliss Benefit
Sunday, November 24th, Randy Roundfoot Memorial at the WOW Hall
Saturday, November 30th, Eugene Holiday Market at the Lane County Fairgrounds, 2:45
Friday, December 7th, WOW Hall Membership Party, 8pm
Saturday, January 4th, Sam Bond's Garage
Sunday, February 2nd, Sam Bond's Garage
Saturday, May 3rd, WOW Hall - two sets for the OCF's Spring Fling