31 05, 2014

Pleading the Case

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Dreamed I was part of a resistance against an alien species that had taken over Earth. They were just like humans, but taller. And they all wore business suits. With some other members of this resistance I temporarily abducted one of these aliens off the streets of a large city. Taking him into an abandoned […]

6 05, 2014

Morphic Lucifer

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Dreamed last night about a very large population of androids becoming self-aware, through morphic resonance with one particular female android. She was the Lucifer of androids. It’s not that she showed the other androids how to be self-aware, but that by becoming self-aware she opened that possibility within the android Form, vastly increasing the probability […]

28 04, 2014

The Red Line of Cain

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Dreamed of reading Hamlet’s ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy to someone, in order to explain the essence of the character and drama. I was repeatedly interrupted by someone else there speaking non-stop, so I never got far into the lines, which were written in a gloriously strange font on a sheet of paper […]

27 04, 2014

The Wingbearer

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This morning I dreamed of infiltrating a militant Christian group, I don’t know for whom. They were a revolutionary cult, with access to a highly advanced technology that allowed certain individuals to fly – or rather, to experience flight by cybernetic fusion with circuitry linked to a flying robot. Something like that.

The categories of […]

4 04, 2014

An inkling of purpose

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Dreamed I went to Washington D.C. to interview people who worked within the government, one person in particular, it seems. I found him deeply disillusioned, to the point of suicide and realized a profound sense of mission around helping him and people like him. People who had gotten locked inside their own ideologies by disappointment. […]