19 06, 2016


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Ancient Chinese Wisdom
The fundamental error I am on the edge of understanding concerns attachment to immediate outcomes at the expense of future outcomes. Not simply future outcomes, but outcomes that by their remove from the present serve as exemplars of what we might call eternal principle.

This premise explains why gardening has been from the start the primary […]

15 05, 2015

Sketch Toward a Typology of Atheism

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1. Your typical atheist: Here is the atheist too dumb and inattentive to even witness, much less be amazed by, the hyper-complex beauty of physical, biological and socio-psychological existence. There is, according to his crude view, nothing so mysterious to understand and nothing so beautiful to stand in awe of. Having no *sense* for the […]

18 01, 2013

King Crocodile: a poem in prosey

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it’s depressing when the official version of horrific events ceases to truly make sense. Hamlet’s prophetic soul does not make him happy, while the trappings and suits of woe revert after some brief period to the dressings of marriage. There is no one more false than a grieving king guilty of murder; the crocodile may […]

5 11, 2012

He was writing songs for a divine audience

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We are Eternity’s actors, playwrights and musicians. Her dancers and designers, her jugglers and fools. His brief chroniclers of even briefer times; His comedians, tragically undone.

5 11, 2012

note to self: define narcissism

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Narcissus and Echo
Hamlet and Ophelia
I and Thou