29 05, 2014

Fiddling to the Fire

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It struck me recently that Billy Joel’s (awful, imho) song We Didn’t Start the Fire is a reference to Nero fiddling while Rome burned. The point of the song is to establish the difference between Nero and we who also fiddle while society crumbles in the fires of history. Yes, he sings, we are likewise […]

22 01, 2014

Music from the Sun

By |January 22nd, 2014|Dreams, Music|3 Comments

Dreamed my deceased father gave me a finely made wooden box with two large black control knobs on the face (not much like those pictured). It was a receiver of musical transmissions from the Sun. These weren’t songs so much as as tones and patterns. Somewhere on the box was located a small silver faceplate. […]

6 08, 2013

Goodbye, Again

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A fragment from our recent show on the Slash-N-Burn stage at the Whitaker Block Party.

After this set Bobby and I met King Coffey, drummer for the Butthole Surfers, who approached us as we were breaking down our gear. We learned that EPIC, the record label, initially approached the Surfers 5 years before they signed […]

3 07, 2013

Zigzag Farm

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A couple weeks ago I attended the Zigzag Farm songwriting camp, held at the lovely Zigzag Mountain Farm, near Mt Hood. Here’s the song I wrote:

12 04, 2013


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Here’s a moment from rehearsal the other night. This fragment is the end of the Tyranny medley.