19 06, 2016


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Ancient Chinese Wisdom
The fundamental error I am on the edge of understanding concerns attachment to immediate outcomes at the expense of future outcomes. Not simply future outcomes, but outcomes that by their remove from the present serve as exemplars of what we might call eternal principle.

This premise explains why gardening has been from the start the primary […]

4 09, 2014

Notes from the Front #5:
Operation Annotate Hamlet

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Things have cooled somewhat from my meteoric arrival over in the Lit Genius area of Genius.com, as I’ve revealed myself to be both tenaciously long-winded and peculiarly insightful into Tragic Prince. I feel as if I’m on an initiatic journey through the play, though in this moment I’m suddenly struck by how auto-correct would have […]

31 05, 2014

The Divine Chessboard

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Chess becomes cosmic when the pieces are imbued with spirit and their moves with meaning. Which is to say that the Cosmos comes into being when we conceive a soul in ourselves.

Many years ago I played a game of chess, some time after ingesting an amount of LSD. I was in college and my opponent […]

16 05, 2014

Revolution to Tyrants

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The Popular Revolution of Laertes comes after the True King has been Overthrown and the Lie Instated. So Good and Evil oscillate relative to the stations of State and Revolutionary; or as it is more tellingly put, between King and Commoner.

see, Saturnalia n.

In the interest of metaphorical clarity, the popular revolt of Laertes is not […]

6 05, 2014

Morphic Lucifer

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Dreamed last night about a very large population of androids becoming self-aware, through morphic resonance with one particular female android. She was the Lucifer of androids. It’s not that she showed the other androids how to be self-aware, but that by becoming self-aware she opened that possibility within the android Form, vastly increasing the probability […]