19 06, 2016


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Ancient Chinese Wisdom
The fundamental error I am on the edge of understanding concerns attachment to immediate outcomes at the expense of future outcomes. Not simply future outcomes, but outcomes that by their remove from the present serve as exemplars of what we might call eternal principle.

This premise explains why gardening has been from the start the primary […]

23 07, 2014

Reason to the Dane

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Over the last couple days I’ve begun contributing my comments to annotations on Hamlet Act I Scene ii. Reading the annotations there I am reminded once again that we humans can only interpret events according to the worldview we have.

This observation used to occur to me regularly as I considered astrology and students of […]

31 05, 2014

Who Wins the War Makes the Money

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I’m wondering if at some point Alex Jones figured out that there was a TON of money to be made in pandering to the idiocy of the ‘conservative base’ – which in general has nothing even approaching a clue as to the ideas and ideals that informed the American Revolution. This base is solid exactly […]

16 05, 2014

Revolution to Tyrants

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The Popular Revolution of Laertes comes after the True King has been Overthrown and the Lie Instated. So Good and Evil oscillate relative to the stations of State and Revolutionary; or as it is more tellingly put, between King and Commoner.

see, Saturnalia n.

In the interest of metaphorical clarity, the popular revolt of Laertes is not […]

4 04, 2014

An inkling of purpose

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Dreamed I went to Washington D.C. to interview people who worked within the government, one person in particular, it seems. I found him deeply disillusioned, to the point of suicide and realized a profound sense of mission around helping him and people like him. People who had gotten locked inside their own ideologies by disappointment. […]